We would like to take some time to consider what you actually require from a Security Provider and their services. To help start you off we have listed just a few important Questions, (and our Answers), for you to take into account during your decision making process.

Q. Does the Security Provider hold the relevant operation Licences?

A. Yes – We hold the relevant licences for each State that it operates in. (e.g. QLD Security Firms Licence 3196823 and Dual Security Guard Licences QLD and NSW).

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider have sufficient Liability Insurance?

A. Yes – We hold a $10 million Public Liability Insurance Policy (able to increase if needed).

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider abide with the Industrial Regulations guidelines (pay and associated conditions)?

A. Yes – We pay all of our staff under the Security Industry Award Wage.

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider meet Work Cover and Superannuation requirements?

A. Yes – We abide by Work Cover and Superannuation guidelines.

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider provide current and ongoing training for its personnel?

A. Yes – We do

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider monitor the performance of its personnel?

A. Yes – Our site Supervisors and Area Managers are constantly ensuring that all Security Members from our Company perform at their best. We at Bromelton Security Services also make regular on site (unannounced) visits to all our employees.

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider have the relevant experience to complete the required service (industry experience.)

A. Yes – We have a wealth of experience, please refer to the Profile and Reputation pages for full details.

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider respect your companies confidentiality?

A. Yes – We and our Team members know that one of the main components of effective Security is confidentiality. All team members have signed a Confidentiality Agreement, and honour their moral and lawful obligations to You and Us.

Q. Does the Security/Service Provider adhere to Australian Standards?

A. Yes – We comply with Australian Standards AS 4421-1996 (Guards and Patrols) where and when appropriate to the service being provided.

Q. Can the Security/Service Provider guarantee you the best possible value for money without sacrificing quality?

A. Yes – We Can.