Bromelton Security Services focuses on addressing the challenges of clients who understand their needs and value the combination of our expertise, service and responsiveness. Bromelton Security Services actively engages with the task at hand and develops an effective set of operational methods for preventing security breaches. We believe in being pro-active, responsive, and customer centered.

Our philosophy is that a single trained guard backed by a highly trained K9 unit is far more effective than five poorly trained security guards who have a limited understanding of the ‘big picture’. We believe that real security challenges require real security solutions by competent professionals.

The ‘badge’ logo of Bromelton Security Services is representative of the badge traditionally worn by law enforcement officers, (both past and present), throughout the world. As a breeder of 100% working line German Shepards, our logo remains and will always be a reminder of our commitment and ongoing pursuit to providing the highest level of security possible.

Our Commitment is Your Guarantee.

Management Team

Debbie Hughes

Operations Manager
Scott Hughes

Bromelton Security Services Management Team has accumulated over 17 years experience in Security, Quality Assurance and Reliability in all areas of this industry. We recognise and understand the importance of providing our clients with a professional and reliable service. Our reputation depends on it.

Team Members

Our Team Members are of the highest standard. When applicants apply for a position with our Security Service, they must initially pass two interview stages. These include aptitude and simulation testing. When accepted in-house training commences and continues on an ongoing basis.

All our Team Members are dedicated professionals who possess acceptable skills in public relations. Our Team Members are able to handle a task at hand with utmost proficiency. All Team Members are fully licensed under the relevant Act/Legislation in each state as applicable.

Our Team Members whilst on duty, will be neatly attired and follow all standard operating procedures as required by our clients. Codes of conduct will be strictly adhered to and daily log sheets will be recorded by all security personnel. We are an equal opportunity employer.